UperioPress launch of the world’s No.1 crane hire company


To announce the merger of Matebat and Arcomet in the French and international trade press.


A live video & webconference from the company’s CEO.

Our strengths in this project
> network of specialist reporters in the plant hire and construction field
> technical resources to provide quality capture and broadcasting

What profiles?
> Press officer to summon reporters to the webconference
> Camera operator to film the action on a 2-camera sound stage
> Broadcast technician to broadcast the conference live on a dedicated platform.

Uperio becomes world leader in tower crane hire

April, 2019 saw the convergence of two major names: MATEBAT, French No.1 in tower crane distribution and hire, and ARCOMET, leader in crane building and hire in the north of Europe. UPERIO will thus become a world leader in its market, boasting a fleet of 2,200 cranes, 550 employees, presence in 8 countries, and the benefit of 23 depots.

An online press conference, simple and effective !

Organizing press events can sometimes be complicated. When reporters from several countries need to be assembled in a place that’s hardly central, to a schedule that’s not quite certain, the principle of the online press conference is an obvious solution. Reporters and speakers can be mobilized quite quickly (less than an hour), while room rental, travel, and catering costs are eliminated.
18 media outlets connected (France and other countries)
30 featured articles in the press
2,500,000 persons reached