Influence marketing

Collaborate with influencers in building projects, homes and gardens!

Midway between content production, social media, and press relations, influence marketing strategies are a highly effective lever for achieving visibility and credibility among professional communities and the public at large.

Benefits of influence marketing


The brand will enjoy a large audience with targeted, engaged communities.


The authenticity and expertise of influencers adds to the credibility of the subjects they tackle.

Long-term continuity

YouTube videos are indexed on Google and boost the brand’s visibility to SEOs

Crossover content

The content produced can be infinitely reused, anywhere in the brand’s digital ecosystem!

Who are the followers?

- Professionals who share a “field minded” approach and keep a lookout for good advice and new features,
- Serious do-it-yourselfers looking for pro tips and tutorials
- Home owners, getting more and more serious about home improvements
- Professional and hobbyist gardeners looking for new features and advice

What kind of influencer partnerships can be envisaged?

Everything is possible!

Our agency’s added value is characterized by a curated selection of profiles whose values align with those of the brands we work alongside. Partnerships are established by mutual reflection between the influencers and the brands, bearing in mind the campaign objectives.

Partnership examples

— Boosting the visibility of an event among influencers: Facom/Eurobois
— Positioning products in the everyday sightline of influencers: wedi, Heiwa, Leman, Leborgne
— Using influencers’ credibility to present a brand: MBTP

Over 100 influencers specializing in your sectors
Le Crieur Public ceaselessly watches for new profiles and maintains follow-up with a good portion of them. Here’s a round-up of our privileged contacts.

LJVS . Youtube / Instagram / Facebook

Make In France

Make In France . Youtube / Linkedin / Instagram

Eric le Carreleur

Eric le Carreleur . Youtube / Instagram / Facebook

Steve and Wood

Steve and Wood . Youtube / Instagram / Facebook

Mon Jardin Plaisir

Mon Jardin Plaisir . Instagram

The French Gentleman Farmer

The French Gentleman Farmer . Instagram / LinkedIn / Facebook


Zeprofdortie . YouTube / Instagram / Facebook

Le Potager Bordelais

Le Potager Bordelais . Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / LinkedIn


Ecolo_Me . Instagram / Facebook

The Show Froid

The Show Froid . YouTube / Instagram / Facebook

L'Atelier de Stevens

L'Atelier de Stevens . YouTube / Instagram / Facebook

To discover them all, contact us!