Our agency’s mission is to serve the visibility, the image and address the business issues of brand names in construction, urban development, housing, DIY and gardening.

We are “le crieur publ!c”.

“Crieur Public” is French for town crier and it’s an analogy that conjures up the main issues of our business: Choosing words, conveying a message, putting oneself in the right place, reaching an optimum audience! Born out of the so-called “traditional press”, we joined in enthusiastically as we watched digital emerge. Information is consumed differently these days. Omnipresent, multiple, immediate—it comes in all shapes and sizes and must match the expectations of our targets.

Our job is to create high-quality messages, conveyed intelligently, to obtain measurable results. Adaptable, reusable, recyclable, our content is re-embodied daily on the Web, in the press, and on social media.

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Our business areas


  • Media and digital strategic consultancy
  • Content strategy
  • Press relations
  • Social media management
  • Influence marketing

Branding and marketing

  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Brand territory, Story telling and Visual identity
  • Roll-out of Web and print campaigns

Training & coaching

  • Social selling on LinkedIn
  • Social selling on Facebook
  • Executive coaching
  • Media training, Public speaking
Behind the scenes

Crieur public is a member of “la Villa Josiane”

This one-of-a-kind villa, with its community of communicators and skills, accommodates twenty or so professionals from the communication world. The occupants of Villa Josiane, who have been together for almost 10 years, share much more than just office space. They put themselves at the service of communication, digital, design, event management—and congeniality.