SFCBPress relations for promoting biomass boilers


To position wood fuel as a GENUINE ecological and economical alternative for domestic heating.


Dedicated, responsive communication with the trade and general press.

Our strengths in this project
> Networks of specialist reporters in the fields of construction, energy, and small contractors
> Knowledge of the fiercely competitive market in heating systems

What profiles?

> Press officer for communication to reporters
> Concept editor to give the messages muscle             

SFCB, a syndicate that applies the heat!

Did you know? Wood is the least expensive home heating option, the one that releases the least CO2 during combustion, and above all, the only truly renewable heating fuel. Faced with competition from gas, electricity, or even oil, the French Syndicate of Biomass Boiler Producers wants to promote its position as the GENUINE ecological and economical alternative for domestic heating, and that’s a daily battle!

Engaging the syndicate in influence communication

Target-specific action plans have been implemented, starting with an address to the sector’s biggest specifiers: the installers.
For the general public, we targeted the heating articles and features scheduled for the autumn in the home and consumer press, with an educational message on the advantages of wood heating.
Other highlights: a press conference at the Interclima trade show to assert wood’s place as France’s largest renewable energy source.

A media watchdog to trigger reactions!

To position the syndicate as the sector’s spokesman with the press and make a clear statement of its claims, we keep a very close eye on the news. The objective? To enable the syndicate to take to the podium to express its vision and react to seasonal, sectorial, or regulatory news. Among the subjects covered: new aid measures for renovation, and the heated argument on pollution peaks linked to wood heating.

70 featured articles in the press
more than 10 “reaction” interviews
6 million persons reached
1 press conference