MyralPress visit to an extraordinary project


To promote the Myral externally applied thermal insulation solution by showcasing the largest passive shared building in the greater west of France.


Photographic record of the project phases and press trip to discover the building and its project team.

Our strengths in this project
> Network of reporters already aware of the brand
> Editorial coverage of each step in the project (articles and photos),
> Organization and leadership of the open day.

What profiles?
> Press officer to activate reporters
> Content manager to editorialize the project
> Community manager to cover the open day on social media and other networks
> Discussion host to orchestrate the exchanges.

Myral is the partner of outstanding buildings

The Dijon company has been working in the French market for over 30 years. Its outer wall insulation solution is suited to even the most demanding projects and offers designers near-boundless freedom to create. The “Mouvement Perpétuel” (perpetual motion) building at the heart of the Beauregard Quincé business park is a perfect illustration of the MYRAL ambition, coupling ultra-high performance with ambitious architecture.

A day trip to take in everything

Architectural intentions and ingrained preferences, urban integration, social and societal issues, technical performance, accreditations and labels, implementation—the project was looked at from each and every angle during a visit to the neighbourhood and the building. Alongside this, the joint work of the social backer, the architect, the design office, and the Myral technical experts also came under scrutiny.
10,000,000 persons reached
40 featured articles in the press
70 publications
15 media outlets present (local and national)