MBTPThe mutual insurance that speaks construction


Assisting the company in its differentiation strategy


A digital and media strategy that reflects the two-way understanding between the MBTP and the construction industry.

Our strengths in this project

> Editorial strategy combining the reality of the sector with the issues of the mutual insurance
> Rapid development of communities
> Activation of the media and specialist influencers.

What profiles?

> Content manager to source content from experts and from the field
> Social media manager to plan social media actions and the means for capturing followers
> Community manager to make the brand’s voice heard by the communities
> PR/ePR project leader to relay the insurer’s actions to the sector’s media and engage partnerships with influencers.

Half a century at the service of construction

“La Mutuelle du Bâtiment et de Travaux Publics” (MBTP) was set up in 1969, and until 2006 was a management centre tied to the insurer Pro BTP. Now, as an independent operator at the core of the APICIL group since 2016, MBTP follows a strategy of (re)capture and has banked on digital to reach construction stakeholders (companies, independents, individuals) and prove its legitimacy for providing everyday assistance.

The mutual insurance provider pulls in the communities

On LinkedIn, encountering company deciders, or on Facebook, contacting people at the coalface, MBTP extends a kind, friendly contact, reflecting its closeness to construction industry issues. The mostly-video animation fosters a lively contact with strong interaction. At the core of the approach lies regular editorial content production, with input from the experts, for a simpler understanding of the insurance provider’s services, such as complementary welfare and health insurance.


Influencers create the link with the coalface

Who better than professionals to explain mutual insurance to professionals? Influencers provide MBTP with an opportunity to raise awareness among professional communities, with all the closeness and spontaneity these professionals-cum-media can offer!

The press for big highlights

The “traditional” media always remain complementary to digital actions. So when there is major information to be announced (new offers, exclusive actions, etc.), we activate our networks of specialist reporters to develop the impact of MBTP’s communication.

10,000,000 persons reached in 2019