Les Appliqués

Les AppliquésQuality building contractor franchise


To set up a franchise brand dedicated to the energy renovation of houses via the exterior


A name, a brand territory, an identity communication strategy evoking the soundness of the solution and its franchisees.

Our strengths in this project

> Thorough knowledge of house renovation sector issues
> Well positioned for promoting the network’s values

What profiles?
> Project leader to establish the strategy and action plan
> Editorial manager to create a storyline for the brand
> Graphic designer to create a stand-out brand universe

The franchise that’s taking thermal renovation by storm!

The Les Appliqués network launch concerns exclusive, on-your-doorstep distribution of the “Uniso” outer wall insulation solution that we launched in 2014—how time flies! With this network, the manufacturer Myral is banking on managed territorial development and a walking-distance approach, an absolute necessity in this market. It’s important to know that the great majority of house owners undertaking renovation seek a local company to do the work.

Strong values, a core argument

Did you know that when choosing a renovation contractor, a house owner’s No.1 criterion is reputation? Conscientious, professional, thorough, timely—“Les Appliqués” nurtures an image of the contractor with a capital C. Someone people are ready to let into their home! Every brand name is important. It’s the first image we have of the brand and it must impart strong values to the product or service it fronts. The name Les Appliqués (“the applied”) is a callback to the implemented solution, which is applied to the outer wall, and to the application shown by the contractor in its everyday jobs.

Local communication to assist franchisees

One of the keys to success of a franchise is “industrial scale” consolidation of the sales effort and its main support: communication! We therefore designed pragmatic media and mechanisms that are easy to adapt to each franchisee.

National communication to enrol franchisees

Developing the franchise network means recruiting new franchisees able to expand the brand locally. Exhibitions, the trade press, and laser-targeted communications lie at the core of this recruitment strategy.