HeiwaFlorent Manaudou, the live face of Heiwa


To develop brand notoriety and public adherence. 


Compelling social media strategy featuring the brand ambassadors.

Our strengths in this project

> Detailed knowledge of the market and the people involved.

> Creation of expert content.

> Mastery of live techniques.

What profiles 
> Editorial project leader to create the storyline and oversee content production.
> Discussion host who keeps exchanges natural and dynamic.
> Social media manager to manage online actions and the live exchange tool.
> Community manager to make the brand’s voice heard by the fans.
> PR manager to make the brand’s voice heard by influencers.

Heiwa breathes new warmth into heat pumps

Created by HVAC experts in 2019, the Heiwa brand is the surprise revelation of the heat pump market. This 100% French company’s approach—accessible and responsible—is aimed at distributors, installers, and environmentally-aware home owners who want simple, high-quality installations without breaking the bank. Right from the outset, Heiwa’s thinking has focused on the consumers’ real needs.

The brand has set itself high values and is aware of its impact

It’s time for a change of air. Fronted by this slogan, the Heiwa brand has proved that we can all do our bit toward the energy transition. Accompanying this initiative, the brand ambassador and champion swimmer Florent Manaudou has agreed to link his sportsman’s image to Heiwa’s product qualities: performance, discreetness, responsibility. Featured on the brand’s social media channels right from its first days, the Olympic gold medallist took over the Heiwa social media accounts during his build-up to the Olympic Games, holding live chats with his community.

Live exchanges as a tool for developing a community

Doing one’s share and making it known. With our comprehensive assistance programme, Heiwa enjoys a media and influence plan, content production (articles, videos) for its website, and day-to-day enlivening of its social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. An active community with a vocation to grow in step with the brand’s notoriety. The development of live exchanges is an innovative tool that helps pull in new subscribers and increase the brand’s fan base.
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50% growth in the communities over 12 months
300k persons reached through influencers
4M opportunities to be seen in the scope of our operations.