EuroboisTimber gets connected to influencers


To heighten the trade show’s visibility to users from the timber and building worlds.


Expansion of the trade show’s tools for press relations to specialist YouTubers and Instagrammers.

Our strengths in this project

> Network of influencers already engaged with the agency’s clients.
> Personal accompaniment during their visit to the show.

What profiles?

> Digital and media project leader to identify, attract, and engage influencers.
> Event management assistant to organize welcome and travel.

EUROBOIS the leading gathering for timber and woodworking machinery

As the only French trade show to boast the EUMABOIS label, Eurobois has joined the ranks of benchmark European gatherings in the timber & woodworking market! For over 30 years it has been THE go-to trade show for timber products and woodworking machinery. Eurobois is attended by joiners, carpenters, builders, property developers, and architects, all of them knowledgeable about timber construction and fitting out.

Trade shows attract!

50% of architects and jobbing firms visit at least one trade show every year. As for the sector’s brands, the share of marketing budget allocated to events remains stable, confirming the essential role trade shows play in underpinning the sales activity.

Expanding the trade show’s mediatization

The agency assists Eurobois in sustaining full mediatization of the trade show between shows as well as during the event. The stakes are obvious: keeping the show’s brand alive all year round! The global tool spans content production (text, photo, and video), ongoing social media action, press communications, and the prompting of Instagrammers and Youtubers.

Passionate, craft-minded influencers

We stay in regular contact with all the new media, which carry serious “clout” in the building, jobbing, and DIY markets. Timber & woodworking has many eager influencers, but the subject has much wider appeal, with profiles such as small general contractors, tilers, drywallers, and others. They arrive in their masses at Eurobois, sharing the sector’s news and the show ambience each in their own way.

24 influencers enrolled
over 150 featured articles in the press
over 2,000,000 persons reached