DucerfMaking oak an emblem!


To give a modern face to this family-run group specializing in hardwoods.


A brand territory where history meets excellence behind a modern face.

Our strengths in this project
> Immersive design in the universe of timber and sawing
> Market visibility given to the activities of the Ducerf group
What profiles?
> Graphic designer to create a stand-out brand universe
> Editorial manager to create the storyline and editorial guidelines
> Web designer/developer for the website, using responsive design methods
> Content manager and community manager to vitalize the site and social media.

Timber expert since 1885

The very first family-run sawmill was created en 1885 by Jean Ducerf. 13 decades later, the “Ducerf” group boasts six production sites, makes 50% of its turnover abroad, and is still run by the Ducerf family! As a specialist in oak and other hardwood conversion, the company is on the top rung of French companies in this sector. The excellence of oak is in evidence every day thanks to its use by architects, joiners, carpenters, cabinet makers, and industrial manufacturers alike.

Brand territory steeped in timber sawing

Peeking between the sawmill doors, we were immediately struck by the lines on view. Naturally flowing on the raw logs, they become dead straight after conversion. The logo clearly illustrates this paradox, representing the oak tree while evoking the manufactured products. The colour recalls that of the mature timber while underlining the elegance associated with the use of hardwood. In the iconography, the images remind us that timber is a history of humans, of a craftsmanship that mechanization cannot destroy.

Digital AND social

The website offers visitors the opportunity to browse through the whole product catalogue, provides access to a host of technical resources and to original or iconic hardwood endeavours. We produce monthly articles and videos to showcase company news and to keep community interest high through newsletters and actions on LinkedIn and Facebook. The sales force have bought into these measures unconditionally after receiving training from us in the principles of social selling.

800k persons reached in a year
15 sales staff trained
30k interactions with the brand