BePOSITIVEMediatization of the energy transition exhibition


To take charge of press and digital activity before, during, and after the event.

A dedicated editorial stand empowering the website, the newsletter, the social media channels. Communication directed at specialist reporters.

Our strengths in this project
> Handling of the exhibition as a medium in its own right
> Newspaper-inspired organization of content production and distribution.
> Thorough knowledge of journalistic networks interested in the energy transition.
What profiles?
> Editorial manager to define the editorial stand and manage production
> Content manager to produce content at each stage in the project,
> Community manager to energize the community and bring the online event to life
> Press officers to communicate with journalists and receive them at the event.

BePOSITIVE, the energy transition exhibition

During three days at a single venue, BePOSITIVE brings together almost 30,000 professionals involved in renewables, HVAC, wood energy, and high-performance building. Specializing in renewably sourced energy issues for nigh on 20 years, the exhibition claims its place as today’s benchmark gathering of stakeholders in a carbon-free world.
From the status of event to that of a media brand
The exhibition medium facilitates encounters between a sector’s stakeholders and their immersion at the core of main market trends. With BePOSITIVE, we elevated the exhibition from its simple existence as an event to a medium with a full life before and after the event. To do so, we implemented a strategy for producing content that could be distributed on the web, via monthly newsletters, and relayed to our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). Two to eight articles are produced every month, reflecting the latest news from the sector and its stakeholders.

During the exhibition: live transmissions on the Web and social media

With 6 persons mobilized at the event from start to end, we covered all the exhibition highlights, met visitors, and interviewed exhibitors along with representatives from professional organizations. Alongside this, we engaged with our social media communities to generate involvement and optimum visibility.

The press: close relations with reporters

What would an exhibition be like without specialist reporters from the trade press? They are a strategic link in the visibility chain for both the exhibition and its exhibitors. Our job: to make sure everything is in place to allow reporters to preview the exhibition, to welcome them at the event, to provide all the information they need—needless to say, quality relations are a major success factor!
86 reporters welcomed
600 featured articles in the press
10,000,000 persons reached in 12 months
800 publications on social media in 12 months
40,000 engagements