AquilusHighly original installations and concepts


To raise the profile of swimming pool manufacturer Aquilus and its installation network by showcasing its outstanding jobs.

Direct contact with the network’s distributors to discover amazing swimming pools, and the creation of visuals showing its original, creative concepts.
Our strengths in this project
> Network of specialist reporters on the topics of swimming pools and homes
> Ability to manage and mobilize photographers all over France
What profiles?
> Press officer for getting journalists involved
> Photographers mobilized locally to shoot the most amazing swimming pools
> 3D illustrator to devise totally new pool concepts

Aquilus Piscine, living the blue life since 1981

Did you know France has the highest number of private swimming pools in Europe? It’s no surprise therefore that a brand like Aquilus, made in France, has become a national reference, with 60 distributors across the nation. One of the brand’s most notable creations is its “M’Water”—10 square metres of swimming pool and spa rolled into one. Aquilus also distributes a wellness range, launched 15 years ago, including hot tubs, saunas, and steam baths.

Completed projects that speak for themselves !

Every year, we go out and meet (happy) owners of Aquilus swimming pools. The photographer is given a simple objective—to bring out the wellness factor, the comfort, the seamless integration of the swimming pool, thus igniting the dream. The images produced not only address the needs of home and swimming pool journalists; they aslo provide illustrations for year-round publicizing of the Aquilus network.

Original, creative swimming pool concepts

Everything is possible in terms of swimming pool design. That’s our reason for developing original 3D visuals showing the latest outlandish ideas from Aquilus year upon year. Curved and angular shapes, pool/spa combos, artistic swimming pools—the illustrations are put through the Aquilius creativity test several times in order to inspire customers and reporters.
over 120 featured articles in the 2019 press
10,000,000 persons reached in 2019
200 photos of completed projects delivered